THE TRUTH: 78% of all reationships between Russian women and Western men completely fail.

But you can have a guaranteed successful and happy relationship with the Russian Woman of your dreams. We will tell you how.

Learn secrets most men don't know about Russian women, where to meet them and how to make the relationship work without getting scammed.

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Brian and Anastasiya Vergason
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC


Hi, our names are Brian and Anastasiya Vergason. We have been happily married for four years and have an incredible marriage based on love, honesty, passion, Christian beliefs and values. Together, we have over 30 years of experience in Russian and Ukrainian culture and during that time have been involved in advising others on how to have successful and meaningful relationships with women from Eastern Europe.

We are also aware of practically every scam that often goes on with Russian/Ukrainian bride or matchmaking services and are here to provide a complete breakdown of everything you need to know to be able to find true love with a wonderful woman from Russia or Ukraine.

Did You Know That...........

  • Most Russian women on many foreign online dating sites do not even want to leave their home country
  • The first three to five letters/emails you pay for on many foreign online dating sites are simply generic form letters that tons of other people have already gotten as well
  • You will be shocked when you find out actually how easy it is to find a good Russian or Ukrainian woman without all the typical hassles and nightmare stories you hear about

The Real Truth

My wife Anastasiya and I met in June of 2006 in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Before then I had been living in various countries in Eastern Europe for about a year and a half and had honestly never had a relationship during that time that lasted over a month. I had been on plenty of dates with Russian and Ukrainian women but I felt that most of them were simply using me for either a free meal or a ticket out of their home country. I had friends who had successful relationships and marriages with these women so I knew it was possible but the question was how.

During that first year and a half I ran into plenty of foreign men who were in Russia and Ukraine for the sole purpose of finding a wife and honestly felt that they were just wasting their time and money. Most of them were on “romance tours/scams” for a week or two and were leaving the tour/scam with nothing to show for it. For me, I was employed there, had a small apartment and even speak Russian fluently. If anybody was in the position to find the love of my life then it was me but it was just not working. What I didn’t understand was that I had spent 18 months of my life making the same mistakes that thousands of other men do with Russian and Ukrainian women; I had simply not opened my eyes to the truth.

Under the Soviet Union, things were often difficult to get hold of. A good pair of blue jeans was the envy of all and restaurants were only for the very elite. The mindset of many people before the collapse was one of “do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself”. Unfortunately that mindset, although not as prevalent as it was, is still engrained in the hearts of many Russians and Ukrainians today.

Online dating scam sites provide the perfect means for these women (and sometimes men) to get as much as they can for themselves and their families with giving very little in return. It is still very common even today to meet a girl in her twenties in Eastern Europe who has never been to a restaurant before or have closets smaller than the size of a telephone booth. So when you, Mr. Nice Guy, from the western world show any interest in Miss Russian Girl that you meet online then she is going to make sure that she puts herself in the best situation possible to gain as much as she can if she does not have the right intentions.

Once I had understood this truth completely then it unlocked a world of new facts I had never known before as well as amazing dating opportunities which were, thank God, very successful (I have living proof). The next thing I had to do was to find ways to easily detect the scammers as well as find the good women who were honestly interested in me. Over time I got to the point where the way a girl dressed and what part of the city she was in would immediately tell me her true intentions (and it never failed me).

In the end, I met Anastasiya and have had over 5 years of the most amazing and wonderful relationship ever. We have two children now who are 3 years old and a very happy life thank the Lord. We spend many nights together on long walks and can never find a time when we do not have something interesting to talk about. It is our true hope and desire that many other good men out there can have the same amazing relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian girl that I have had because if you do meet a good girl with the right intensions from Eastern Europe then you are guaranteed an amazing relationship.

Typical Traits Russian Women Like in a Man

  • Someone who is kind and compassionate
  • Men who can be romantic
  • Someone who can fix a leaky faucet or change a flat tire if need be
  • A man who she can rely on to provide for the family and always be true

Typical Traits Russian Women Do Not Like in a Man

  • Someone who likes to drink and smoke a lot
  • Men who are loud or boisterous
  • A guy who thinks that a date night means drinking beer and watching wrestling
  • Men who can never admit that they are wrong


We are here to give all of our visitors the support they need to have a truly successful relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman. You will never purchase anything or get anything from us and then be forgotten about. The goal of this site is to help good people find and have relationships with each other which will hopefully turn into a positive and lifelong experience. Remember if you have any questions or if there is any way we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brian and Anastasiya